Coming Soon: Peter with Red Mitchell and Warne Marsh, double CD set.

Warne Marsh featuring Red Mitchell and Peter Scattaretico

Internationally renowned jazz artists Warne Marsh, Red Mitchell and Peter Scattaretico have released a two hour concert recorded live in New York in 1980. This new double CD set from Riverworks Records is available through this website payable via Paypal or credit by phone. Call 914-693-3200.

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Scola Tristano
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1. All Things
2. It's You
3. What Would I Do (vocal)
4. All of Me (trio)
5. Blame Me
6. I Don't Know Why (vocal)
7. Goin Home
8. Body and Soul

9. All of Me (duo/vocal)

New Culture Concert
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JAZZ -live in New York

  My Blues Is A Pretty Color 
2.  I Don't Know Why 
3.  317 E. 32nd Street 
4.  You Don't Know What Love Is 5.  5.  Rhythm Scatt Vocal Drum 
6.  Bluzia Shuffel Blues 
7.  Another Flavor Blues 
8.  You Can Depend On Me - Wow 
9.  It's You or No One


Listen to "Yesterday's Future"
by The Peter Prisco, Peter Scattaretico Quartet  


1. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
2. But Beautiful
3. Ash Wednesday
4. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
5. I Love You
6. Blues For Del
7. What A Difference A Day Made
8. Broadway
9. My Old Flame

CADENCE MAGAZINE Review of "Yesterday's Future" 
"Paints a portrait of timeless,straight-ahead Jazz with homage to the standards we've grown close to over the years. Guitarist Peter Prisco emphasizes lyricism on both the slow ballads and tearing romps. All the elements show up: outside muical quotes,fours, solo work, natural counterpoint and Prisco's lyrical intrumental. Their interpretation of a slow blues becomes a synonym for passion. Guitar,bass, and piano dig in and release heartfelt emotion. The album's even balance of slow ballads and fast romps gives the listener a mainstream session filled with natural forms of communication." 
- Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine

ALL ABOUT JAZZ Review of "Yesterday's Future"
Drummer Peter Scattaretico has a tasteful, sly approach to keeping the band in the groove; hes a smart, savvy operator and a big reason for the cohesion of this group. Read Entire Review  PDF


A memorial concert for Lennie Tristano. 
41 selections on 5 LPs. Available as 5 LP box set.

Featuring Peter Scattaretico, drums

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PETER PRISCO  "It's About Time"

Peter Prisco - Guitar 
Lou Stelluti/Earl Sauls - Bass 
Peter Scatteretica - Drums
Zinnia Records

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